Parish Documentary

The Parish Development Committee is working with the Transition Year students (2016/17) at Alexandra College to produce a ten-minute documentary on the many and varied aspects of parish life in Sandford and St Philip’s.

It is envisioned at this stage that, when completed, the documentary will be shown within the parishes, on the parish website, at the Alexandra College Film Festival (May 2017) and will also feature on the Alexandra College website.

The students, under the supervision of film-making teacher Clodagh Rycraft, will be recording many of our parish events during this academic year. We know that you will make them welcome. On occasions when the students are not available, designated parishioners will take footage and pass it on to the students. So smile!

Notices will be posted at the entrance to indicate that filming is in progress. If, for any reason, you do not wish to appear in this documentary please make it known in writing to Revd Gyles.

Parish Development Committee

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