St Philip’s Hall Restoration Committee: Updates

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St Philip’s Parochial Hall


St Philip’s Parochial Hall forms a very important and integral resource for both our parish and the wider community and is in regular use for a number of educational and social activities. These include Scouts, Early Learning groups, Rugby Tots, Ballet and Irish Dancing classes, Art Exhibitions, children’s parties, along with fundraising and social events.

The history of the Hall is interesting. It was designed by Sir Thomas Drew, architect of Rathmines Town
Hall, built by Lewis Moore at a cost of £420 and opened on 18 March 1883. Unusually for its time, the
building is constructed of concrete. It is faced in red brick and has a slate roof, terracotta ornamental roof
finials and a large tracery window to the north facing gable. Since 1883, it has remained largely unchanged and although the structure remains solid, in recent years the roof, brickwork and windows have suffered.

As a protected structure, St Philip’s Select Vestry has a responsibility to maintain the building, and is keen
to future proof it in order that generations to come may continue to have use of and enjoy it. The
proposed works will not in any manner change the character of the Hall or extend its footprint. In fact, our
aim is to ensure that following restoration, the Hall looks almost just as it did when built.

Project Overview

The Hall Restoration Committee has identified various and necessary ‘streams’ in order to progress this project, each dealing with a different aspect of the project e.g. construction, finance, fundraising, communication, etc., and has identified a ‘lead person’ for each stream.

Progress Update

Since the grant of planning permission for the essential works on St Philips’ Hall issued in March 2022, five requests to tender have been sent to a selection of building companies for the first phase of the restoration project. The works in this phase include replacing roof tiles and repairing roof joists, installing insulation, upgrading the windows and fitting solar panels.

August 2022: We have encountered an unfortunate setback in relation to our plans for the first phase of the restoration of St Philip’s Parochial Hall this summer.

Most regrettably, the building company now is not in a position to carry out the works to the Parochial Hall. The reasons they have given are that sub-contractors and scaffolders could not proceed and implied material delays were emerging with an inevitability that the project would not be completed within the allotted time period. This is extremely disappointing as we had fully expected that phase one of the restoration works would be complete by September.

We have concluded that there is no option but to issue new Requests for Tenders and to appoint another contractor with a view to carrying out the works in the summer of 2023. While it might be feasible to negotiate a contract with another contractor to work during the autumn, we are anxious to avoid, as far as possible, disruption to the users of the Parochial Hall.

On a positive note, this does allow us time to continue with our fund raising campaign and there are plans afoot for a number of events over the coming year. Please also consider sponsoring a slate!

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