Green Tips

As you may have seen recently, we have started to collect used postage stamps in aid of the Irish Peatland Conservation Council (‘IPCC’) so I thought I would explain what this latest initiative is about.

Who are the Irish Peatland Conservation Council?

The Irish Peatland Conservation Council (‘IPCC’) is an independent conservation organisation and is a registered charity. Their mission is to protect a representative sample of Irish Peatlands for people to enjoy today and in the future. This means that they want to:

  • protect and enhance peatland habitat and biodiversity. 
  • advocate for the wise use and management of natural peatland resources.
  • promote understanding, awareness and enjoyment of peatlands and wildlife.

Since starting in 1982, the IPCC has run hundreds of projects involving thousands of people to conserve peatland heritage all over Ireland.

What will they do with used postage stamps?

There are many people in Ireland and around the world who are interested in stamps and stamp collecting. The IPCC will turn used postage stamps into money by sorting them and selling them to collectors. Any valuable stamps are spotted and sold separately, but all stamps (from any country) are welcome. They are sorted into packs and sold in the IPCC’s Nature shop or are sold in bulk to stamp dealers. This stamp collecting campaign raises approximately €10,000 each year for the IPCC and is used to support their Save the Bogs Campaign.

How to help? You can help by collecting stamps from the post that you receive. You can simply cut around the used postage stamp (leaving a small margin so as not to touch the stamp) and then place the stamps into the boxes that are placed at the back of each church. I will then arrange for them to be sent to the IPCC throughout the year. If you would like further information on the IPCC please visit their website

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