Safeguarding Trust

Flowers in the allotments in St Philip's

Flowers in the allotments in St Philip’s

It is the policy of the Church of Ireland to set standards for the welfare of all children sharing in its ministry with a view to protecting them from physical, sexual and emotional harm. Safeguarding Trust is the Church of Ireland Code of Good Practice for Ministry with Children. It was first published in 1997 and the latest (4th) edition is available at

Safeguarding Trust is designed to: – create a safe environment which will promote healthy and fulfilling participation of children and young people in educational and recreational activities and minimise the possibility of harm, either deliberate or accidental – encourage safe practices for those who work with children – set out the appropriate responses and procedures in the event of abuse taking place – safeguard those who work with children from the consequences of unfounded accusations.

It is important that members of our parishes are aware of Safeguarding Trust and the necessity for it to be implemented in the parish. In each Parish / union of parishes there is a panel of at least three people (“the panel”) trained to implement Safeguarding Trust. The panel for our parishes is Canon Sonia Gyles, Janette Tyrell and Greg Swanwick. Contact details available from the parish office.

Child Safeguarding Statement: The Grouped Parishes of Sandford and St Philip’s Milltown (April 2021).

See the Safeguarding Trust website for further details.

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