Stained glass window in St. Philip's

Stained glass window in St. Philip’s

Faith Development Leaflet (2022):

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A New Year Prayer

Loving God, inspire us with courage and hope as we embark on this New Year. May our lives throughout the coming months be an example of your love in our relationships with family, with friends and with those we meet in our work. Bless us with fruitful opportunities this year, grant us the wisdom to grasp them and the resources to realize them.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

A Prayer for a New Start

God of new beginnings, help me as I begin this new phase in my life. Reassure me when I find it difficult to adjust to different demands and guide me in the new situations I’ll face in the coming weeks. Thank you for new opportunities, and help me to grasp them with hope and courage. Even when I feel uncertain, help me always remember your guiding presence before me.

Through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Prayer for friendships

Lord, you teach that the greatest gift we can give is our life to another. Be present in my friendships so that I will give lovingly to those in my life. Let my friendship be a sign to others of the love you inspire. Help me be gentle with others’ failings and give me grace to see my own failings too. Thank you for the relationships you’ve blessed me with, and guide me to nourish them with care and love.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Pray for your friends’ safety and be refreshed in their company and in my peace.

Romans 15:31-32
Prayer in a time of darkness

Loving God, You tell us that you are always with us. Be with me now so that I can be strengthened in this difficult time. When you walked on earth, people turned to you when they were in trouble, and you healed them, prayed with them and loved them. Do the same for me Lord now, at this time. Guide me in any decisions I face, and strengthen me to cope so that I am able to bear the problems life brings.


God is our hope and strength, a very present help in trouble.
Psalm 46:1

Prayer for children in trouble

Dear Lord, you have witnessed the rebelliousness of youth since the very beginnings of time. You understand parents’ anguish and helplessness over the actions of their child. Please help us to transform our anger and frustration into loving care for our child who has gone astray. Help us begin to mend our broken fences and heal our broken hearts. Bless our child and also help him/her to mend the error of their ways. Help and bless us all to do right in your name and restore us to peace and tranquility.

In times of trial, you have my power to encourage.
Acts 16:40

Prayer in time of uncertainty

God of all wisdom, sometimes I want to know all the answers even when they can’t yet be known. Fill me with a deeper understanding so that I can rest in the knowledge of your love no matter what lies ahead. When I don’t know what may come, help me to trust that you will be there for me, prompting me with right words and actions. Bless me with support from others at this time of my anxiety and keep me aware of your constant love present in me now.


My deepest healing took place when I said, ‘Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you, a peace the world cannot give’. Accept this gift.
John 14:27

Prayer for ourselves in Creation

God, Creator of this beautiful universe,
Your will is that all Creation enjoy fullness of life,
Inspire us to delight in diversity
And to be builders of community with the whole family of Creation.
We promise to work for change and healing at all levels.
May we always live connected to You, to the earth
and to each other in solidarity and love,
Through Christ our Lord,
If you have abundance, share with those in need.
Luke 3:11

Prayer for Students

God of Light and Truth,
thank you for giving me
a mind that can know
and a heart that can love.
Help me to keep learning every day of my life,
for all knowledge leads to you.
Let me be aware of your presence
in all things and at all times.
Encourage me when work is difficult
and when I am tempted to give up;
encourage me when my brain seems slow
and the way forward is difficult.
Grant me the grace to put my mind to use
exploring the world you have created,
confident that in you there a wisdom
that is real.
Charles Henderson (1860-1937)
The depths of my riches and of my wisdom are unsearchable.
Romans 11:33

Prayer for a sick child

Lord, you love my child as you love all children you have made,
Bring healing to my sick child.
Stay by his/her side and comfort him/her through this trying time.
Keep me always mindful of your loving presence
Bless me with your powerful healing and comfort me also.
Thank you for hearing my prayer.
I healed the leper by my compassionate touch. Your loving touch has power to heal too.
Mark 1:40-41

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