St Philip’s Church Organ

Visitors to St Philip’s over the last few months will have noticed the dramatic change in the interior of the church caused by the removal of the old organ and the subsequent redecoration of the small transept that housed it. The manufacture of the components for the new organ is currently nearing completion, and we will soon begin to see the transept filling up with the new organ case. The new case is narrower but slightly deeper than the old case, and the console will be placed on the floor in front of the case in the position formerly occupied by the choir stalls, facing out into the body of the church. Once assembly is complete, there will be a considerable period before the organ is playable, as the work of restoring and installing the pipework is extremely time-consuming. However, while this project is ongoing, we are very lucky to have the small temporary organ at the back of the church, which Trevor Crowe has kindly supplied free of charge for the duration of the construction of the new organ.

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