Easter General Vestry/Parish AGM

The Easter General Vestry is the annual general meeting of our parish. At the meeting reports are presented by the Rector and the Hon. Treasurer. The Select Vestry will be elected and Churchwardens and Glebewarden(s) will be nominated for the coming year.

Select Vestry
The Select Vestry is the group of parishioners, usually twelve in number plus ex-officio members, who manage the affairs of the parish i.e. finance, fabric, furnishings and compliance. The Select Vestry is elected by parishioners (those who are registered).

Two churchwardens will be appointed at the EGV. The Rector appoints one (Rector’s Churchwarden) and parishioners appoint another (People’s Churchwarden). Throughout their year of office, the churchwardens are closely involved in the life of the parish, the support of the Rector and the encouragement of the ministry of the church.

Two glebewardens will be appointed in Sandford, one appointed by the Rector (Rector’s Glebewarden) and one appointed by the people (People’s Glebewarden). One glebewarden will be appointed in St Philip’s (People’s Glebewarden) by the people. The glebewardens have particular responsibility for the glebe house (the Rectory), parish buildings and lands.

We each have a responsibility, as part of this parish community, to give careful thought to these elections.

Perhaps you might think of getting involved yourself. If you are interested in being nominated to serve in any of the above positions please make it known to the churchwardens, a member of the current Select Vestry or the Rector.

Perhaps you might encourage someone to stand for election. If you wish to nominate someone for any of the offices mentioned above please be sure to seek their permission before you do so. If you are unsure as to who is a registered vestry member and therefore eligible to be nominated, ask one of the churchwardens who will check the Register of Vestry Members.

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