Sandford Junior and Senior Sunday School

Sandford Junior Sunday School
We welcomed our group back at the start of the year with the story of Noah’s Ark. The children always love making animal crafts, and as we find each week, animals feature in many Bible stories. This was followed by the adventure of David and Goliath – we even tried to measure how enormous the giant would be with building blocks. The children were pleased to know that little people can have power too. We decided not to make sling shots that week! We also enjoyed welcoming members from St Philip’s when we held a joint Sunday School, featuring parachute games to get to know each other as well as singing some of our favourite and familiar songs. Next we will be getting ready
for spring.
Serena Munro

Sandford Senior Sunday School
Over the last month Senior Sunday School have been learning about the Disciples of Jesus, Jesus in the Temple, and the three Kings.
Teresa Brownlee

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