Break Bread and Break Fast

On Sunday 10 March our family attended the 8.30 am Holy Communion Service. This particular service was followed by breakfast in St Philip’s Parish Hall. When the service was finished we sat down with other members of the parishes to enjoy a wonderful breakfast that had been cooked for us.

Our children (4 and 2) loved the sausages, fruit salad and orange juice among other delicacies. As a family with young children it was really fantastic to get the opportunity to attend service, have breakfast and socialise with other members of our community all before 10 am. As our children are up a 7 am every morning it was not difficult for us to get to church by 8.30 am. Once Ruth and Patrick were finished their food they really enjoyed exploring the hall and garden. Myself and my husband Nick loved getting a chance to meet other parishioners (we even heard about local bridge classes and have since signed up).

I can highly recommend this service (and breakfast after) for any young families and I’m sure our children would have enjoyed it even more with more children to play with. At 10 am we headed off and managed a swim and play in the park before lunch. Kate Flynn

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