Dear Parishioners,
We are so privileged to have two wonderful places for all to worship and a sacred space where we can retreat from outside concerns. In creating this atmosphere, there are many contributors, too many to list here.

One area which urgently requires assistance is that of providing and arranging flowers in the church. The long list of flower arrangers over the years has dwindled to the same few stalwarts. Therefore, we are appealing to you, male and female, to please offer to help out. Providing flowers does not require a lot of effort or expense. A simple bunch of flowers placed in a vase is all that is required. If you decide to help, it would simply involve a few times in the year.

Perhaps you may wish to privately mark a wedding anniversary, baptism, or an anniversary of someone’s passing. Flowers are a wonderful symbol of God’s presence and therefore are a meaningful way to commemorate these important events in life. Please give this appeal some thought and then call one of the people listed below with the good news that you are willing to help us! Please contact Romney Keane (Sandford) or Ruth Potterton (St Philip’s)
Janet Walsh

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