Sandford Parish National School

One can only laugh: Last week I was visiting a classroom to speak to the children. I was on auto pilot and actually entered the room. One of many ‘bright little buttons’ observed that I was in the room. I smiled and said that I was feeling particularly brave that day. After a moment a hand went up and the following question was posed “Did you get the vaccine?”. I nodded in the affirmative and to my surprise there was a collective cheer. I was quite emotional leaving the room.

Later in the day I told the class teacher that the reaction had been quite touching. She laughed and explained that I had missed the best part. As soon as I left the room the focus of the debate switched to “just how old is Mr. Murray?” Apparently, I must be older than “all their granddads” because they haven’t got it yet. You can always rely on children to say it as it is.
Senan Murray, Principal

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