Sandmill Strollers

The last time that we walked and talked was at the beginning of December 2020 which is almost 6 months ago. At last we can safely meet outdoors in groups of less than 15! So let’s go for it. Begin to live again. So here is the plan:

Tuesday 1st June we will walk on Bull Island at Dollymount and explore the wonderful dunes and enjoy the views. Betty Hilliard, who now lives in Clontarf and walks there nearly every day, will be our guide. There is a refreshment van “Happy Out” beside the car parking spaces where we can enjoy a take-away coffee. What more can you ask? We will meet there at 2pm. Please bring hand sanitiser and a face-mask in case of necessity. I plan to arrive early (about 1pm) and will bring a picnic lunch so maybe you might like to do the same.

Here is the proposed programme of walks for the rest of the year. Looking forward to seeing you again and all are welcome.

  • July 6th – Kilcoole Beach & Little Tern Colony (longer day)
  • August 3rd – Shelley Banks and Great South Wall.
  • September 7th – Bohernabreena
  • October 5th – Dodder Valley Park from Spawell area
  • November 2nd – Hell Fire Club
  • December 7th – Phoenix Park

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