Summer Challenge 2021

The SandMill Challenge 2021 had twenty-one suggestions to keep young and old busy over the summer. From blowing bubbles to growing seeds – there was something for everyone. We were really glad that the children who participated in the challenge this year enjoyed their ‘treat bags’. Each bag included supplies such as colours, markers, a notebook, sketch pad, crisps, chocolate, jellies and a few other nice surprises to help them with the challenge.
One parent’s response to the ‘treat bags’: ‘Oh my goodness the excitement over that treat bag! I gave it to Farah after school and we went through it. She was amazed and delighted! It was so good, full of things. WAY more than I expected! Thanks so much for organising.’
And we were happy that we could also deliver some of these bags to Carr’s Child and Family Services in Ranelagh.

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