Parish BBQ

‘Have you heard the raindrops drumming on the rooftops?’ The opening line of Hymn 71 was
particularly apt on Sunday, 11 September 2022 when the raindrops were certainly drumming on the
rooftops of St Philip’s Church and Hall as parishioners of all ages came together for a service and BBQ
that day. It was fitting that water was a theme running through the entire service. The life-giving power
of water and its symbolic significance within Christianity were highlighted in the prayers, Bible readings,
Sonia’s interactive sermon and the baptism of Aristide Henri, the son of Elsa Gabriel and Gavin Hall.
After the service, we all braved the rain to collect our beef or veggie burger from the grill set up under a
gazebo. Then we retreated into the church hall where we were offered a selection of salads, an array of
desserts, and a chance to catch up with acquaintances old and new. What was planned as an outdoor
event may have had to move indoors due to the wet weather, but that did not dampen the spirit of
sociability. Marnie Hay

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