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Hue and Cry
The Sandmillers heralded the New Year with Hue and Cry the highly acclaimed two-hander at Bewley’s Lunchtime Theatre. The play, by Deirdre Kinahan, recounts the reunion of two adult cousins on the eve of a family funeral. Damian and Kevin have had very different life experiences and hold very different aspirations but unexpectedly they spark some points of contact in a moving drama full of humanity and dark humour. It was an interesting morning followed by a lunch in the recently refurbished restaurant downstairs. IB

Sandmillers Annual Lunch at the Royal St George Yacht Club
The Royal St George Yacht Club at Dun Laoghaire says in its brochure that it is more than just a beautiful venue; it is a home from home. This is certainly true for the members of the Sandmillers who have had their annual lunch there for a number of years first as the guests of Veronica Trail and in more recent years, hosted by Ian and Dot Roberts.

We were welcomed in the lounge bar with a drink and then as all 34 guests assembled – each scrutinizing the layout of the tables from the beautiful artwork provided by Ralph McGuckin – we were summoned to the dining room to take our places.

Grace was said by Reverend Canon Sonia Gyles, and the menu was either plaice or chicken, followed by apple crumble and ice cream. The meal was delicious as usual and we sat back with coffee and After Eights to listen to the speeches. As Valentine’s Day was the next day, each place name had the added treat of a Lily O’Brien heart-shaped chocolate.

Irene welcomed us all and called us to order and Ralph took the floor. He thanked the Reverend Sonia for joining us, and also Irene and Gloria for all of their effort and dedication in organising the luncheon, which is such a treat for us all. Their hard work is much appreciated. With his usual repartee and wit, Ralph entertained us. One of his stories was about the Biblical Daniel, who, when confronted by the lions, was seen to be smiling. This was surprising, but apparently Daniel had just learned that he did not have to give the ‘after dinner’ speech! Ralph was followed by Gloria, who gave us details of the next two events.

We said our goodbyes to friends, old and new, and stepped out into the beautiful sunshine and view of Dublin Bay. I kept my little heart-shaped chocolate and as I savour it I am reminded of a truly memorable occasion.
Joyce Gray

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