Decorate our church railings with Love

Dear parents,

You are most likely aware of the most positive and joyful response to the Butterflies and Christmas artwork that decorated our church railings/grounds over the past few months. People all around the place are still talking about it! As well as bringing joy to people, it also sends the message out that, while our church buildings may be closed, our churches are very much open and active. So, we thought we might have another go – this time around the theme of St Valentine. It would be great if the children from both our parishes could do one or more of the following:

These will then be laminated and put on the church railings/in the church grounds. Please do the drawing/poem etc on an A4 or A3 piece of paper or thin card (nothing too thick or it won’t fit through the laminator). Please write your child’s name on the back and drop your contributions to the Rectory by Wednesday 10th February (if there’s no answer, they can be left on the doorstep)

  • Draw/colour/paint a love heart, or a hug, or something depicting love and care (another option is a sponge heart i.e. cut a sponge into a heart shape and dip it in paint etc.)
  • Make a hug banner
  • Write a poem (4 /6 lines, in large print) about love, care, hugs etc

There are lots of resources online including at Please bear in mind that anything for the church railings/grounds needs to be able to slide through a laminator. If you are doing any other activities as well e.g. heart baking, love banners, virtual hugs, suncatchers etc. please do send on photographs.

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