33rd Dublin (Sandford) Cubs

After concluding 2018 with a great day out at the Sandford Parish Christmas Bazaar on 1 December and a trip to the circus later that month, the 33rd Dublin Sandford Cub Scouts and Beavers have commenced 2019 with a range of activities. On 19 January a joint Beaver and Cub Scout hike was held in Barnaslingan Woods / Carrickgollogan. Another joint day out is planned on Sunday 3 March to Larch Hill with a view to practising backwoods activities. A further hike is projected for the end of March, and plans are in train for participating in the annual Easter camp at Powerscourt at the end of April.

In the longer term plans are now underway for re-establishing the 33rd Scout Troop from next September onwards. The current leaders are consulting with Scouting Ireland and other local Scout troops in that regard, and will be providing further information on developments in the coming months. Re-establishing the Scout troop is a very exciting prospect for all, and will provide a smooth progression for our current and future Cubs into teenage scouting activities, and will offer an opportunity for ex-Cubs and others in the parish of scouting age to get involved as well. That also includes the need to recruit new leaders, and we are actively looking for both female and male leaders to join at all levels, from Beavers to Cubs to Scouts. If interested, please contact the 33rd group leader, Peter Nickels at 33rddublinsandfordcubs@gmail.com.

Ivar and Peter

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