33rd Dublin Sandford Scout Group Cubs

The Beavers and Cubs had a joint day out on Sunday 3 March to Larch Hill. There is nothing quite like a hike in the rain, sleet and snow! Thankfully, we were in the woods most of the time, and everyone got to warm up around a camp fire, with toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate. A more clement day was experienced for the Easter Egg Hunt for Beavers and Cubs on Sunday 7 April, once again at Larch Hill. Several other Scout groups were there as well, and fun games and orienteering were engaged with.

Since then, the Beavers and Cubs had fun helping out at the St Philip’s Bazaar on 11 May, running the traditional coconut shy and assisting on the bottle game stand. The Beavers also had their first overnight camp in May.

Monday evening meetings continue as usual, with a new gardening activity included in the allotments. Spring has brought forth the green fingers among both the Beavers and Cubs, and weeding and planting has commenced in earnest. A ‘bug hotel’ is in the planning stage at present.

The plan for re-establishing the 33rd Scout Troop from next September onwards is also progressing. Scout Leader Lorcan Boyle is heading-up plans, which includes the recruitment of new Leaders, both female and male at all levels, from Beavers to Cubs to Scouts. If interested, please contact the 33rd group leader, Peter Nickels. Ivar McGrath

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