Ice-cream Sunday

I attended Ice-cream Sunday with my daughter and it was a brilliant affair. The service was held outside and we were lucky with the weather. Rev. Gyles gave a relatable and fun sermon which started with David O’Shea playing a couple of ‘name that tune’ pieces on the piano and ended in the congregation singing a rousing rendition of ‘One love’ by Bob Marley. The lesson was that we’re all connected in humanity and Beethoven’s Ode to Joy and Bob Marley’s One Love, although by very different composers, are both relating to the same thing: that we are all one. The children then led us beautifully in the prayers.

After the fun of the service there was a surprise in store when an ice cream van drove into the grounds and started dispensing ice-cream to excited children and parents! There was also the usual wonderful selection of delicious brownies and other sweet treats to accompany a nice cup of tea and chat with the parishioners. I was remarking to one of them how amazing Sonia is to keep coming up with such innovative and fun services, especially since she’s lost her wing-person Anne-Marie. So thank you for the energy and the lessons! Natalie Hodgess

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