Ice-Cream Sunday

It’s hard to believe that this outdoor service took place before the children had broken up for Summer. We were fortunate enough to have the sunny weather which enabled us to have an outdoor service. The sun was certainly shining which was more than we could say for the school holidays ahead.

Sonia’s sermon invited us to think about how we are made (based on Psalm 139: 14), our bodies, how we use them and take care of them. There were lots of interesting questions and answers, in particular all the ways our bodies help us to move and enjoy favourite activities.

We also welcomed a new member into the parish as we celebrated Charles’ christening with his family. Children from the parishes had written and read the prayers. Libby was thankful for the teachers and Lottie was thankful for the opportunities with summer camps ahead. Trixie helped us to think about our world around us while Blair and others were thinking about others less fortunate in times of war and sickness. Georgia was grateful for all her senses which help her engage in all her favourite things around her. We thanked the children for their contributions to the service.

The anticipation was building as a little voice shouted ‘the ice creams van is here!’ as it drove through the gates. There was an orderly queue and there might have been a few small people who managed to double up. The adults enjoyed cakes and teas prepared by parishioners. The morning was full of chatting and happy children running around. Serena Munro

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