SPNS Start of School Year Service

On 10 September, Sandford Parish National School had their Start of Year Service. It took place at Sandford Church at 11.30am. It was held to celebrate the beginning of the new school year, at which we welcomed our new principal Mrs Kirwan. We also welcomed all newcomers to the school and wished them success in the coming year. In her sermon Reverend Gyles talked about having a Survival Kit for Life. She showed us an eraser to symbolize that we all make mistakes, a rubber band to remind us to be flexible, glue to remind us to stick with things, a toothpick to remind us to pick out the good qualities in others, a packet of love hearts to remind us to show love, a plaster to remind us to fix broken friendships, a pencil to remind us to list our blessings and be grateful, and finally a tea bag to remind us to relax, and to spend time in nature and with God. The choir sang ‘Sing unto the Lord’. Sixth Class wrote the prayers and the readers came from 5th and 6th classes. J. Dooley (6th Class)

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