The Garden Gang

As the autumn leaves begin to change colour and the weather is see-sawing between balmy and blustery, we in Garden Gang have been on pause pending the Government announcements about the latest Covid restrictions. As I write we have just begun Level 3 restrictions for the next three weeks.

Even though we haven’t done anything significant in the allotments since the early summer, it is a salutary lesson that Nature continues as normal. Perhaps it is perfectly acceptable to let the allotment ‘rewild’ somewhat allowing the bird-life and insects feast as they should? For now we will wait. In a few weeks time, hopefully we can return and plant bulbs and winter plants safe in the knowledge that in the Springtime we will see their buds growing.

As mentioned in the previous SandMill News, the St Philip’s Allotments were filmed as part of the Rathmines Initiative ‘Rathmines Virtual Open Gardens 2020‘.

The Garden Gang normally meets on Saturdays from 3.30pm to 5pm at the allotments beside St Philip’s Church. It is for primary school children of Sandford and St Philip’s parishes. It is free to join with a donation of €10 per family to buy seeds and plants. If you are interested in getting your children involved please email me at
Helen O’Kelly

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